Modular Access Chamber 450x450x330
Price: £57.12 each


Chamber panels are all 330mm in height and are available in 450mm and 600mm widths.

Chambers can be supplied pre-assembled in sizes: 450mm×450mm and 600mm×600mm.

The installed chamber shall have a C15/ST3 concrete base and surround, 150mm surround and 150mm base bedded on a 100mm Type 1 sub-base or concrete slab with a 50mm drain hole.

All installed chambers meet the Highway Regulations of minimum duct cover in both footways and on road verges

The frame must be supported on the concrete surround of the chamber on a bed of mortar

Cover and frame meet the loading requirements of BS EN124 Class B125.

All of the quality systems and inspection procedures comply with BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 (Certificate No: FM 01420)

Download Spec sheet by clicking the picture below