Gardening & Landscaping

100 Litre Irish Moss Peat
Stock Code: BIMP100
Price:£7.80 each

Organic soil conditioner that adds growth, enriches and nourishes the soil and helps stimulate plant roots. It also helps retain moisture and aerates the soil.

Algae Klear Cleaner 5L
Stock Code: AC5L
Price:£19.14 each

Formulated to remove Algae and other green growth from Concrete, Patios, Greenhouses, Headstones, Decking, Pottery, Timber, PVC. Tarmacadam and Tile & Slate Roofs.

12% active ingredient, no acid.

Chipped Bark
Stock Code: BCB50
Price:£5.50 each

Evergreen Mini Chip Bark is a small, decorative mulch consisting of mini-chips of quality bark. It is ideal for use on pots and containers, helping plants flourish during warm weather by assisting moisture retention, and in colder weather offering protection to delicate roots against frost.

Easy Gro Potters
Stock Code: BEGP60
Price:£5.75 each

Ideal for seed sowing, potting on, planting and containers. Includes 4 months feed for stronger roots, greener foliage & healthier plants.

Lawn Feed & Weed
Stock Code: LFW14
Price:£24.00 each

Greens in 7 days

Feeds, conditions and nourishes as well as killing weeds & moss

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label & product information before use

Apply by hand or, if possible, by spreader at 35g/m2 on a dry lawn to feed the lawn, treat weeds and control moss

Apply between April & September

Lawn Master
Stock Code: LM18
Price:£32.00 each

Safe to be used around children, pets & wildlife

Greens in 7 days

Feeds for 3 months

Suitable for all types of grass and best used in the summer months

Best used with a spreader for even coverage

No black moss and no staining

No need for raking

Lawnseed Masterline
Stock Code: LAWNSEED10ML
Price:£44.90 each

Covers 250 Square Metres

Multi Purpose Compost
Stock Code: BMPC60
Price:£5.25 each

Multi Purpose Compost that is produced from high quality peats.

Ideal for general garden use. With superb fertilisation and water retention capabilities, it promotes strong, healthy, longer lasting plants.

Organic Farmyard Manure
Stock Code: BOFM40
Price:£5.25 each

Your very own allotment in a bag. Sow your own salad crops, potatoes or vegetables and enjoy your very own freshly grown produce with this premium compost mix.

Path Klear Cleaner 5L
Stock Code: PKC05
Price:£11.80 each

Pathklear is a soluble concentrate formulated to remove dirt and green stains from footpaths, patios, & paving.

Available in 10L and 25L jars also, contact the office for more information.

12% active ingredient, the strongest on the market!!

PolyGrid Ground Guard
Stock Code: PGGG
Price:£5.94 each

481 x 481 x 40mm

4.32 Grids/m2